Prof. Dr. Jeanine Grütter

Research Interests

How can we...

... achieve that children can reach their potential by growing up without discrimination and disadvantage? 

... promote social, emotional and moral competencies in children and adolescents?

... prevent prejudice and bias among students? 

... raise children's awareness of social inequality and motivate them to get involved in society? 

... best support schools in dealing with diversity? 

Areas on interest 

  • Social, Moral and Emotional Development from Childhood to Early Adulthood
  • Development of Prejudice and Intergroup Relations from Childhood to Early Adulthood 
  • Civic Engagement and Reasoning about Social Inequalities 
  • Peer Networks: Friendship Development and Peer Processes, Social Participation of Minority Group Students 
  • Interventions for Schools to Foster Inclusion and Reduce Prejudice
  • Intercultural / Comparative Studies including Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Nepal, Gambia, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland, USA 

Publication list

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