Bachelor of Education

The subject Empirical Educational Research forms a mandatory sub-subject of the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) regardless of the subject combination. 

Structure of Studies Bachelor of Education

In the field of educational science, a total of 18 ECTS credits (cr) must be completed in the bachelor's degree program in grammar school teaching.

Elements of Study  ECTS-Credits
Basic Module Educational Science                            9
Elective module Educational Science Bachelor                            3
Orientation Module                            6

Modules in detail

Basic Module Educational Science

The Basic Module in Educational Science consists of two courses in the areas of the psychology of teaching and learning, the basic principles of learning, and learning strategies.

Course                                                      ECTS-Credits

Educational Sciences I
(Area of teaching)

Educational Sciences II
(Area of learning)

Elective module Educational Science Bachelor

The elective module Educational Sciences consists of a course with study achievements to the extent of 3 ECTS credits.  

Orientation Module

In addition to the above-mentioned courses, an orientation module must be completed in the Bachelor's program. All of the following elements together have a scope of 6 ECTS credits:

Elements of Study                                         
Internship preparation (University)
Orientation Internship (School)
Follow-up of the internship (University)
Orientation Workshop (University)

More information about the orientation module can be found on the BiSE page .

In the study area of Educational Sciences, we recommend the following chronological sequence:

Semester                    Course
Semester 1 and 2
Lecture Educational Sciences II (Learning)
Lecture Educational Sciences I (Teaching)
Semester 3 - 5


Orientation Internship (with preparation and
Follow-up) Orientation Workshop

Semester 5 - 6 Elective module Educational Science Bachelor

Preallocation (bachelor's students) in courses from the Master of Education

Advanced BA students also have the option of pre-requisite courses from the Master of Education. If you are interested in a course, please contact the office of Empirical Educational Research. If there is still sufficient capacity they can register you for the course.

Performance record 

Please note that all examination credits are stored centrally in electronic form.
This means that you have to register electronically on ZEuS for every course you need a performance record in, offered by the Department of Empirical Educational Research.

Individual examination performances are stored centrally on ZEuS, which means that you will no longer receive certificates for each individual course.